Universities fight 4-year CC degrees

Colorado university leaders are fighting a bill that would let community colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in vocational  and technical fields, charging “mission creep.”  Supporters say rural students could earn workforce credentials without relocating. It’s a growing trend with Florida community colleges leading the way.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    My guess is, being involved with vocational and technical issues, the CCs aren’t going to be hiring many humanities and social science degree holders.
    Come to think of it, where are they going to get enough profs? You don’t need a physics post-doc to teach basic eletrical engineering.

    • Protectionism at it’s best, the 4 year colleges and university doesn’t want CC’s and Junior colleges treading on their sacred kingdom of the bachelor’s degree. I don’t know why they’re beefing at all, for the most part the first two years of a four year degree is usually stuff you can take at most community and junior colleges (at least that was the case when I attended a 4 year school in the early 80’s).


    • You don’t need a physics post-doc to teach basic ele[c]trical engineering.

      Old ARRL instruction books can do a lot of that, no personnel required.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    I’m looking forward to the monumental melt down some at 4 year schools will have when we start to see an increase in the spillover between high schools and CCs. Homeschoolers are duel enrolling in droves in NJ. Your kids turns 16, takes either the SAT or Accuplacer exam, enrolls for full credit. It costs something like $8,000 for a two year degree at our CC ($4,000 full-time per year) – high by historical standards but very affordable compared to $12,000 per year at Rutgers (state resident but off campus).

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Heaven forbid that one could avoid massive debt that is non-dischargeable in event of bankruptcy to get a degree.

  4. Hi Joanne,

    What state would you say is in a situation most similar to California as far as waitlists go? Colorado? Florida? Or somewhere else?