Union asks teachers to evaluate principals

Scranton teachers are evaluating their principals at two elementary schools, reports the Times-Tribune. The Scranton Federation of Teachers, which voted “no confidence” in district administrators in November, plans to expand the effort to all principals and administrators, up to the superintendent.

The evaluation forms include a ranking scale with questions ranging from the visibility of a principal to whether the principal collaborates with teachers. Comments can also be made, and the surveys are anonymous.

If this is not just a gotcha, it could prove useful.

Pennsylvania plans to implement a principal evaluation system in the 2014-15 school year.

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  1. With the beating teacher’s unions have been taking at the polls recently I see this as an attempt to escape their self-imposed identity of agents of avarice and nothing else.

  2. Actually, there is sound principle on this situation. In ROTC camps, they have peer ratings, which would be similar and have shown great reliability of the years.

    IE; they were the best predictor of success in the military. I would think that if these were given with similar seriousness, it would be useful.