School trip shows ‘i-Combat’ to kids

New York City students visited a simulated shooting game facility on a school day, reports NBC.  Bronx High School of Visual Arts students, led by a teacher, had a chance to see a new shooting game for children called iCombat at Indoor Extreme Sports.

 iCombat outfits children like SWAT officers and lets them pretend to have shootouts in an indoor fake village . . .  The level of the realism in the game has sparked concerns in the law enforcement community and among child psychologists.

Students were members of a school club, said district officials. “A mistake was clearly made,” Chancellor Dennis Walcott told NBC.

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  1. GEORGE LARSON says:

    Aren’t people complaining that students do not learn social skills like cooperation, teamwork and leadership? I would think siimualtion of membership in an infantry fire team in urban combat would be a great way to learn these concepts. Survival is positive feedback. Death is negative feedback. I suspect this is more effective teaching social skills than Deep Learning in Joanne’s 9 February Post.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    Yeah, so what’s the problem? When the zombie apocalypse begins these kids will be ready.