Role Reversal

In Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom, Mark Barnes urges middle and high school teachers to adopt a “Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE).” That means replacing homework, worksheets and tests with “student-driven, yearlong projects” and replacing grades with “narrative feedback.”


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  1. Year-long group projects? Please, shoot me now!

  2. Oh, lord. Mark Barnes.

  3. Actually, total and profound mockery aside, congrats to Mark Barnes for getting a book published.

  4. Interesting— he’s argued for some time that his methods are scalable—- we’ll have to see if anyone else manages to put his curriculum into practice….

  5. But will the district supply us with the coloring books and crayons?

  6. I think this is evidence that our precious, natural supplies of catch phrases aren’t being depleted.

    It would certainly be a barren future without the seemingly endless parade of colorful, trite slogans and achingly clever acronyms with which to ornament public policy issues.

  7. Florida resident says:

    I have finally read all the book “Our School” by our host,
    very much respected by me Joanne Jacobs.
    What a friendly, nice, compassionate person she is !!!

  8. Yeah, that’ll work.