Pew: Second-generation Americans do well

When immigrants’ children grow up, they earn as much as the average American and have more years of education, concludes a new Pew report, Second-Generation Americans. Thirty-six percent of second-generation Americans 25 and older hold a bachelor’s degree compared to 31 percent of the general population.

Second-generation Americans are optimistic: 78 percent of Hispanics and 72 percent of Asian-Americans say most people can get ahead if they’re willing to work hard. Only 58 percent of the general population agrees.

Second-generation Hispanics don’t do as well as Asian-Americans in educational attainment or earning, but they do better than the first generation.

Via Education Gadfly.

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  1. Second generation Hispanics do better than first generation but progress after the second generation stalls. Hispanics in New Mexico who have lived in the US for as long as seven generations continue to lag behind US whites. The improvement from first to second generation probably reflects learning English. There is little evidence of much change in average cognitive level. US hispanics appear to have an average IQ of about 90 which is also about the world average but well below the average of the US white population.
    In Latin America in general Indians and Mestizos lag substantially in IQ levels and economic success behind whites and there is little sign of any convergence between the different groups over the hundreds of years since the Spanish conquest.