High school grad rate could hit 90%

U.S. high schools are graduating more students and could reach a 90 percent graduation rate by 2020, according to Building a Grad Nation by America’s Promise Alliance.

Gains were strong for minority students: African-American students saw a 6.9 percent increase in graduation rates from 2006 to 2020, and Hispanic students had a 10.4 percent increase.

In the Davis Guggenheim documentary “Waiting for Superman,” Americans learned about “dropout factories,” high schools where fewer than half of all students graduated on time. Bob Balfanz, a Johns Hopkins University professor, coined that term — and in the report out Monday, he found that the number of “dropout factories” has declined. In 2011, according to the report, there were 583 fewer such schools than there were in 2002. “The schools have gotten better, and some have closed,” Balfanz said.

In 2002, 46 percent of black students and 39 percent of Hispanics attended a high school where most students failed to graduate. By  2011, that fell to 25 percent for backs and 17 percent for Hispanics.

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  1. Florida resident says:
  2. Florida resident says:
  3. And this is why a high school diploma no longer performs a useful signaling function….

    • Indeed. The only way to achieve a 100% graduation rate is to revise standard so far downward as to render them meaningless.

      Why not just give a high school diploma to everyone who has a pulse?

      • Exactly my sentiment…there used to be a time in U.S. history where a high school diploma actually meant something. These days, it can be used as toilet paper 🙂

  4. I’m betting that most of the grads of the “low-performing” high schools don’t have the knowledge and skills of my small-town 1-12 school (grad in the 60s)classmates, despite the fact (because of the fact?) that my first 4 teachers had no college degree (1-yr Normal School or some college). They knew their content (incl. geography, history, civics and science), knew how to teach it and didn’t tolerate any misbehavior.

    • Oops, that was supposed to have been my 8th-grade classmates – all of whom knew basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals and percentages (pre-calculator days) and could all write a coherent paragraph, letter or notice.

      • You’re such a terrible liar. Everyone knows that 8th Graders don’t have brains developed enough to grasp some of those concepts you list. Where were you in Ed School? Watching YouTube videos on your phone in the parking lot?

        • You’re such a scream – “Everyone knows that 8th graders don’t have brains developed enough to grasp” concepts like geography, history, civics, science, basic arithmetic, fractions, percentages, write a coherent paragraph? Oh really? Is that the current indoctrination in ed school these days? Too bad they don’t teach a little history of their so-called profession – then you might that historically, eighth graders were indeed able to do all those things. Not all that difficult, really.

          At least not with a classical curriculum. But with the pablum the public school systems foists upon kids nowadays, you may just have a point.

        • I’d discourage people from responding to this troll; the link for the name appears to be an attempt at promoting a web site.

          • Stacy in NJ says:

            Thanks or the heads-up. I’ll resist the urge in the future.

          • I’m a troll if I’m just being honest, and think I’m right?

          • Oh, and hate me if you wish, but don’t blame the websites on me. It has nothing to do with me. I just linked it because I love two things: (1) Ed School, and (2) Cartoons. 🙂

          • What bothers me is that one liberal with strong opinions walks into the virtual ‘room’, and suddenly your concepts of freedom of speech (one of the FEW things liberals and conservatives supposedly agree upon) goes out the window?

          • I’m a troll if I’m just being honest, and think I’m right?

            You’d have to be a racist (because you single out White people) Marxist ideologue without the capability to deal with a single contrary fact to believe what you write.

            Then again, maybe you are.  There’s got to be SOMEBODY dumb enough to believe that stuff.

            don’t blame the websites on me.

            Why not, since you chose it?  It’s not your web site, or anything related to you or JJ.com.  If it looks like link spam, smells like link spam, and serves the function of link spam, why shouldn’t we consider it link spam?

            What bothers me is that one liberal with strong opinions walks into the virtual ‘room’, and suddenly your concepts of freedom of speech (one of the FEW things liberals and conservatives supposedly agree upon) goes out the window?

            Maybe we don’t care for spammers, or people who come here with MIRVed missiles carrying multiple warheads loaded with weapons-grade stupid, at least after it becomes tiresome to shoot down.

            Spending a little time to hit your nonsense with the sarcasm it deserves is a chance to entertain some of my fellow JJ commenters, and probably a lot of lurkers as well.  Coming here with your load of Marxist ed-school claptrap doesn’t make you intellectual or insightful; it makes you ridiculous.

  5. I hate, hate, hate the movie ‘Waiting For Superman’. If your students aren’t learning and you blame them and not yourself as a teacher, you’re not just a conservative, you’re a monster.

    • So the ACLU is wrong to blame the Highland Park (MI) school district because its children don’t learn to read; the ACLU should be blaming the teachers instead?

      Nice of you to clear that up.

    • ‘Superman’ was a great documentary; it showed that, if your culture is screwed up, then it doesn’t matter how hard teachers, administrators, polticians (the good ones), etc. work – the screwed up culture will always win. You must have been watching a VERY different documentary than I saw. (It’s on Netflix streaming, by the way!)

  6. What’s scary is that I think BJ (is that an appropriate nickname for him/her?) is for real – I don’t see a “BTW, be sure to check out my website at —.—.com” at the end of every post. And I’ve met a few liberals in my lifetime who are truly that far off their rocker. You know, the “how many conservatives will we have to put into camps and kill to get our utopia?” kind of crazy.

    Put a far enough to the left liberal, with their head so open that ideas spill out, and put them through 3-4 years brainwashing as Ed School majors, and this is what happens… I’ve seen it in person.