High school coach shoots armed teens

A Detroit high school coach shot two teens who attacked him as he was walking two female basketball players to their cars after dark, reports WXYZ. He killed one and wounded the other.

One attacker pulled a gun and grabbed the 70-year-old man by his chain necklace, the coach told police. He pulled his gun and shot both. A reserve police officer, the coach has a concealed pistol license.

Both attackers had attended the high school; one had been expelled recently, reports WXYZ.

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  1. This story didn’t rate in the first 3 pgs. of Google I looked at to confirm the date (Feb. 1), and wasn’t at any of the liberal news sites. I guess it only matters if it’s not self defense.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    If you follow the link and watch the local newscast the female anchor ends the broadcast with…

    “Just a tragedy all the way around. Unexplainable.”

    It’s not a tragedy all the way around and it’s perfectly explainable.

    • You have to keep the double standard in mind – editorializing during a news piece is perfectly acceptable if it results in the nodding of lefty heads and a hateful, probably racist rant if it results in the nodding of conservative heads.

  3. What part of arming teachers was a bad idea, again?

  4. This story is receiving attention from a number of circles.

    Since the shooting was almost certainly between people who are Black, it does not match the narrative the corrupt left-wing media wants to promote; instead, it would “reinforce negative stereotypes”.  This is why it will be buried.

  5. BTW, if anyone else is/was having the problem I was having with the number of replies on posts being erroneously reported as 0, using Noscript to ban scripts from livefyre.com fixed it for me.