Can school ban ‘boobies’ wristband?

“A full federal appeals court on Wednesday heard arguments about whether school districts may bar students from wearing the popular “I (heart) Boobies” wristbands promoting cancer awareness,” reports Ed Week.

“Boobies” is vulgar and potentially disruptive, argued administrators at Easton Area Middle School in Pennsylvania. Two students suspended for defying the ban said they had a free-speech right to wear the wristbands.

“The case prompted a provocative hour-long argument” on “boobies,” reports Ed Week. 

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  1. Glad to know there are no more pressing issues in Easton, Pennsylvania. /sarc.

    How much are their lawyers costing them? Who’s paying for that?

    There’s an easier way to cut down on boobies bands. Require anyone who wants to wear them to write a page-long essay on the importance of the anti-cancer effort. Make it a club, overseen by the least-cool teacher. Soon enough, the bands will be associated with earnest do-goodery.

    • Outstanding idea! Too bad that most admins don’t have any common sense or the creativity they endlessly praise.

      • Most administrators are not facing a federal court case over charity bracelets. Thus, most administrators have more common sense than those at Easton Area Middle School.

  2. Yet another example of the legal nonsense a culturally clueless administrator can wreak. . .

  3. I’m entirely on the administration’s side. If I see one more obnoxious teen boy snapping that band and saying “I LOOOOOOVE BOOBIES! Look! I’m touching boobies!” I’ll make him eat it.

    It’s utter crap. Notice the test case is teenage girls.

    • Regardless, the administrators are just making things worse. Ignore it, and the kids will eventually get tired of it. Make a big thing of it, and it will escalate into something that actually is disruptive.

      I graduated highschool in a time (1971) and place where the drinking age had been lowered to 18, so by midwinter more than half the senior class could drink legally (off-campus,of course). Someone who thought he was a wit and was half-right left a few empty beer cans on the trophy display case near the senior counselor’s office. Mr. K, the counselor, didn’t just trash these items (or bag them and collect the deposit), he threw a hissy fit in public. The next day, when Mr. K came in there was a bigger stack, and a bigger hissy fit. This continued until each morning the case was entirely covered with a tall stack of cans – I don’t know who was doing this, but they obviously weren’t drinking all that beer and still making it in first thing in the morning, and with a 10 cents a can deposit, they were giving up more spending money than most of us had.

      Then Mr. K had the trophy case removed. Within a week the roof of the building was glittering with hundreds of beer cans. I wonder if Mr. K ever stepped back from the building and looked up to see it…

      • Roger Sweeny says:

        Nowadays, after the first incident, there would be a hidden camera placed outside Mr. K’s office and whoever placed the beer cans would be caught the second day.

      • Roger Sweeny says:

        And then there’s this:

        “Cameras streaming real-time video from inside Franklin Regional School District buildings to Murrysville police cars soon will give officers crucial information in dealing with potentially dangerous situations, officials said. … police be able to view images from 130 cameras mounted inside the schools …

        “District spokeswoman Shelley Shaneyfelt said, ‘we also believe that this coordination acts as a deterrent to vandalism and other potential crimes.’ …

        “Franklin Regional, with 3,700 students, is the latest among local districts streaming real-time video to police departments.”

  4. Remember back in elementary school when we would play with our calculators and write words on them by looking at the digits upside down? And those impish looks we got as we typed in “5318008”? Time to ban calculators in schools!! (Actually, I kind of like that idea, at least before high school….)

  5. lightly seasoned says:

    Really. And people wonder why there is less discipline in schools. The principal decides the bracelets are distracting (and Cal nails why exactly) and tells them not to wear them to school. This then engenders a LAW SUIT. Are you kidding me? Those are tax dollars defending that law suit instead of funding education. If they can sue over that, you wonder why kids don’t get disciplined for foul language or drug/alcohol logos. After all, you can put it on a t-shirt.

    • Tinker v. Des Moines is more than 40 years old. If the girls were not disruptive, they have the First Amendment right to free speech.

      It takes two parties to reach court. I will assume the school district has terrible legal representation, as any competent lawyer will try to persuade parties to settle before a trial. The girls are represented by the ACLU.

      • lightly seasoned says:

        What are the chances of that if the so-called grown men on this forum can’t resist titty jokes?

        • Cranberry hit it on the head, Tinker is the standard when dealing with on campus student speech, but I also disagreed with the court in Morse vs. Frederick (Bong Hits for Jesus case), since it seems to put more of a onus on just what happened in Tinker.

          Not all guys go nuts over the term b**bies, btw.

  6. I agree. In Ecuador, a common tourist purchase is a T-shirt saying “I love boobies”, referring to a bird, the blue-footed boobie, which lives in the Galapagos Islands and in a few other locations in Ecuador. How can schools outlaw a bracelet that could be interpreted to be talking about a kind of bird? Waste of time, administration.

  7. Obi-Wandreas says:

    One of the most important parts of being a teacher is learning what to ignore.

    I saw one of my students wearing one of those bracelets once. Knowing the student, I highly doubt he was wearing it because of any sort of health concerns. That happened to be the day, however, that particular student decided to actually sit down, shut up, and do his work. I was not going to interrupt that for anything.

  8. A school ornithology club could have some fun….

  9. Nice looking tit.