Testing first

New York schools will spend more days on testing and test prep than instruction in 2013-14, according to Students Last, a satire site.

New York State’s Education Commissioner John King (said):  “We acknowledge that given the number of days for benchmark assessments, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, state tests, mid-terms, finals, exams for English Language Learners and those taking alternative assessments, unit tests, make-up days for those who were absent and given that teachers typically use the weeks before a high-stakes exam for test preparation, that for the first time in New York State history there are actually fewer instructional days than testing days.”

Asked if he saw anything wrong with requiring more testing than teaching, Commissioner King responded, “I don’t really give a crap. My children attend private school.”

The first comment is satire too. At least, I hope so.

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  1. What drove my youngest son out of the classroom were the every other Friday district mandated benchmarks. After the first 2, I encouraged him to speak to the principal. You see, he was teaching 9th graders who were enrolled in only AP Algebra I, AP Geometry, and Pre-AP Algebra. (What ever that is…) And his students routinely scored 97% on the benchmarks. Which were written at least 2 grade levels below.

    So, he asked to be exempted. The lack of instructional days were hurting his students who had very severe tests to prepare for in the spring.

    Of course, the principal said no. The reason? My son’s students were the only thing preventing the school from looking like a dismal failure.

    Now that’s educational leadership!

    So, my son is in grad school getting an MBA in accounting. Too bad, he really enjoyed the kids.

  2. King does indeed send his kids to a private Montessori school.


    To me, his threat to withhold a billion dollars if NYC does not adopt a junk science teacher rating system indicates he does not, in fact, give a crap. I’m certain many of your readers will conclude otherwise and that’s fine. But it really bothers me that people who control public schools–Gates, Bloomberg, Obama, King, dictate conditions they clearly deem undesirable for their own children.