Rhee’s D.C. legacy

The Education of Michelle Rhee will run on PBS’ Frontline tonight.

Rhee’s group, Students First, gave low grades to states on education reform: No state got an A and 11 failed. The two highest-ranking states, Florida and Louisiana, received B-minus grades.

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  1. She learned that some systems are so broken that they can’t possibly be fixed. She tried, though! And the DC parents and taxpayers fought her the entire way. Which tells me that the DC parents and taxpayers are OK with embarassigly failing schools… At least that way, they have an easy scapegoat to blame their own child’s failure in life on (and they don’t have to pay as much money to get to that point either)…

    • I think you’re being too easy on Rhee, who I don’t believe has come to the conclusion that the current system’s beyond redemption and too hard on the parents and taxpayers most of whom have no idea that anything other then the current system’s possible.

      The latter is obviously changing as charters, vouchers, etc start to push themselves into the public consciousness but to many people the school district *is* public education and a threat to that system is a threat to their children, end of story.