NAPC: States improve charter laws

Minnesota, Maine, Washington, Colorado, and Florida have the strongest charter school laws, according to Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Public Charter School Laws, an annual report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Georgia and Washington passed charter laws in 2012,, said Nina Rees, the president and chief executive officer of NAPCS.

“The track record of enacting [charter school] initiatives through the ballot box hasn’t been very positive, so the fact that we were able to do so in Georgia and enact a law in Washington state after four attempts that failed before makes 2012 an historic one,” she said.

Hawaii, Idaho, and Missouri lifted caps on charter school growth, the report noted. Ten states expanded the types of entities that can authorize charter schools or passed quality control measures to help high-quality charter schools grow. Connecticut, Hawaii, and Utah improved charter school funding.

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  1. You should never cite anything about “strong” charter school laws without clarifying the general view of the report.

    Some think that “strong” charter laws are those with greater freedom, flexibility and room for expansion of charter schools. Others think that “strong” charter school laws are those with strong accountability provisions, strict closure/renewal provisions and tight controls on expansion of these entrepreneurial schools.

    Some might use words like “lax” or “stifling” to describe those in the opposite camp.

    So, please provide a little more information when talking about (or referring to others talking about) “strong” charter school laws.

  2. I suppose the report was finalized before Michigan’s charter cap was lifted. Still, would’ve been nice to see what that change to the law did to Michigan’s ranking.