More schools serve breakfast

More schools are serving breakfast, reports Education Week. In many large school districts, more than 90 percent of schools that serve a federally subsidized lunch also serve a subsidized breakfast, according to a Food Research and Action Center report. More than half of low-income students who ate the school lunch also ate the school breakfast.

Some schools serve breakfast in the classroom, so students don’t have to arrive early. That can be messy, cut into teaching time and encourage kids to eat at home and at school. Other schools offer a “grab ‘n’ go” breakfast.

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  1. Bostonian says:

    If children are getting half of their meals free at school, their families’ food stamp allotments should be cut accordingly.

  2. I make (and make sure) my kids have breakfast prior to leaving the house in the morning…i know it’s sometimes hard to be a parent but it’s not THAT hard?!

  3. I second Bostonian’s and Simrion’s comments. Also, note that there’s no expressed concern, from the ed world at the fed or the local level, about the possibility of kids eating two breakfasts and its effect on obesity – and I’ve read many parent/kid comments that suggest that many kids are doing just that. It’s in direct opposition to the ed world’s oft-stated mantra that we need more PE in school to counteract obesity. Perhaps this dichotomy is because school breakfasts and more PE both translate to more adult jobs? Naah, it couldn’t be so. It’s all for the kids.

    It all boils down to the fact that too many people are procreating without any ability to raise kids properly. The experiment of government being the father and husband has been an epic fail.