‘Middle college’ draws high-risk students

Aa the fishing industry declined in New Bedford, Massachusetts, high school dropout rates rose. Now a Middle College program is attracting high-risk students by offering a chance to complete a high school diploma while earning community college credits.

About to become a father, Darius Payne explains why he enrolled in Middle College. “I don’t want to be a bum raising a child. I want to have something, show something to my child.”


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  1. Attracting ‘High-Risk’ students may sound all well and good, but is the college going to water down the coursework so much that anyone can pass the coursework in question and be handed a diploma?

    If the dropout is really serious about restarting their education, perhaps they should be looking at adult education, rather than dumping this issue on community colleges (who already have a high enough remediation rate in many cases for regular admits).