Grit is good, but academics come first

Stressing character traits such as “perseverance, self-monitoring, and flexibility”  over cognition is a mistake, writes Mike Rose, a UCLA professor. Many so-called “non-cognitive” traits require thinking skills.

Some colleges and universities are trying to measure non-cognitive traits to find “diamonds in the rough,” but so far high school grades, backed by test scores, are the most accurate predictors of college success.

Dan Willingham writes on the challenge of measuring non-cognitive skills.

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  1. I’d be surprised if HS grades, overall, were/are better predictors of college success than ACT/SAT/SATII tests, given the number of kids with at least B grades who need remediation in college. I know of one state that has a list of every HS in the state and the percentage of their kids that need remediation when they hit campus – and most of those kids have good GPAs.