Educated but jobless in China

In the U.S., employment rises with education. In Chinese cities,  young college graduates are four times as likely to be unemployed as those with an elementary education. Why? Graduates want “clean” office jobs and won’t risk their status by taking factory work, even though it pays more. As in the U.S., vocational training is considered low status.

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  1. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s and will soon have a PhD, all in STEM majors, and I currently teach as a college instructor, but if it came down to it to pay the bills, I’d still happily roll up my sleeves and push shopping carts, be a cashier, tow pipe at a construction site, or be a grill cook at a fast food restaurant, like I did in my pre-degreed days. My father taught me to never be above doing any job! No matter how “high up” I am (or think I am)…