Core standards will boost equal opportunity

“Millions of young people are having their right to a world-class education violated every day, writes sociologist Peter W. Cookson Jr, president of Ideas Without Borders, in The Quick and the EdCommon standards will advance equal educational opportunity, he argues.

Cookson studied five high schools serving “very different economic and social communities.”

If a student is not lucky enough to attend a high school located in an upper-middle or middle-class neighborhood, he or she is likely to get a watered-down, uninspiring, and inadequate set of academic choices—often taught in a hit-or-miss manner. If a student attends a school in an area of concentrated poverty, his or her course of study often consists of worksheets, out-of-date textbooks, and more worksheets.

Common Core State Standards won’t solve the problem, but it will help, Cookson believes.

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  1. lightly seasoned says:

    Wasn’t this what NCLB was supposed to do? You mean writing standards is not the same as teaching children? Shocking.

  2. I’m really skeptical of the idea that a group of bureaucrats at the state or national level can come up with one big fix for ‘everything wrong with our schools.’ In the same school, strengths and weaknesses vary from teacher to teacher. For the same teacher, strengths and weaknesses can vary from period to period, depending on the chemistry of a given class–even when the curriculum is the same. When you treat ‘people’ as a homogenous input and expect to get homogenous output, you’re setting yourself up to fail…..

    • lightly seasoned says:

      And when it doesn’t prove to be the miracle pill, it won’t be their fault, I guarantee it.

  3. Lightly Seasoned,

    Prior to NCLB, the infamous Goals 2000 intro’d by the Clinton administration and spearheaded by Hillary herself was defunded after 12 years of pouring money down a drain with achieving a SINGLE STATED GOAL.

    The issue of equal opportunity will never exist in the world, since not all countries place the same value on education.

    • that should have been WITHOUT achieving a single stated goal (my typos are getting worse) 🙂