California pilots $150 online courses

For $150 per online course, California students will be able to earn college credit in remedial algebra, college algebra and introductory statistics. The San Jose State-Udacity pilot will be limited to 300 university, community college and high school students. Udacity will provide support services, such as online mentors.

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  1. Cardinal Fang says:

    The online stats course might be good– in fact, it probably is good– but online remedial math? I can’t see how that is going to be successful for the majority of students who need it.

  2. Dennis Ashendorf says:

    Online Statistics is very hard to teach. Carnegie-Mellon has made effort on this. If the course is even “just OK,” it will be exceptional. In the long run, teaching stats online with interactivity will provide great benefits.

  3. Dennis Ashendorf says:

    Note that California’s Community Colleges are not behind this effort. For example, with all of the cutbacks in classes, CC’s could have accepted “” courses. It could be said that those courses are not as good. Nice point, but having students take 3-5 years to earn an AA has a real and horrible cost. The CC’s primarily care about admins and tenured professors. I don’t write that with sour grapes or animus. It simply is what it is. CC’s are building great buildings however. See what 400 M$ buys: I like it!