5-year-old suspended for bubble shooting ‘threat’

5-year-old kindergarten girl was suspended for “terroristic threats” for saying she’d shoot a friend and herself with a pink Hello Kitty bubble gun. The Pennsylvania girl, who didn’t bring the bubble shooter to school, made the comment while waiting for the school bus. She was questioned for three hours by school officials without her mother’s knowledge.

After a psychologist confirmed she isn’t a would-be terrorist, the 10-day suspension was reduced to two days for “a threat to harm others.” The Hello Kitty “gun” shoots soap bubbles, so potentially she could have gotten her friend wet.

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  1. When my kids attended soccer camp (80s-90s) during very hot weather, the camp director would blast water at the kids/staff with a super-shooter; a great way to cool kids down and lots of fun for all concerned. This went on for years and I never heard a negative comment from anyone, let alone a complaint. During that same time period, it was common for kids to bring water pistols to school, for recess use. The practice was limited to hot weather and only kids who agreed would be wet. This was before bubble shooters; bubbles were wands-only and perfectly OK , under the same conditions as the water pistols.

    • They probably got away with it because they were careful to only use verbs like squirt hose douse drench sprinkle cool etc. I’m sure that if they had used a verb like shoot, they would have been similarly interrogated.

  2. Now, what if she had fired the soap bubbles into her friend’s eyes? Obviously, this is a credible terroristic threat from a very, very dangerous 5 year old. What IS this world coming to?

  3. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Let’s assume that what is said is true.

    What the bloody hell do you question a 5-year old about for three hours?

    It’s practically impossible to have a three-hour conversation with a 9-year old, let alone a 5-year old. And if you do keep talking with them about something for 3 hours, their story is GUARANTEED to change at least twice.

  4. You do indeed have to be a moron to be a public school administrator.

  5. This child will likely hate school for the rest of her life. Keeping a child that young for questioning without a guardian present is reprehensible. What information, exactly, did administrators think they would get? Do these people actually know anything about working with children? Their jobs should be about celebrating youth, which is why we’re all so safety crazy anyway. If we’re going to crush joyful children who want to have a bubble party with their friends, what are we protecting?

    I’d say it’s time for everyone at that school to bring their bubble machines and take aim at the administrators. Maybe they’ll learn that bubbles are not to be feared but stupidity is.

  6. Soap bubbles?  It’s worse than getting her friends wet; she might have gotten them CLEAN!

    The horror, the horror!

  7. Foobarista says:

    Sounds like yet another argument for homeschooling. Yet more proof that our wonderful “educational leaders” would be hard-pressed to run taco trucks, much less schools. Subjecting kids to this sort of idiocracy is child abuse of the first order.

  8. Tar, feathers, repeat until they learn. This is the inevitable end state for any out-of-control bureaucracy: petty tyranny, especially over the weakest.

    Those in favor of an ever-larger federal government should take note: this is in your future.

  9. Kirk Parker says:

    OK, I’m changing my support for the concept of allowing teachers and administrators to be armed. These folks have shown how pathetically awful an idea that would be.