5% of public schools are charters

Twenty years after the first charter school opened, there are 6,00 public charters educating more than 2.3 million students this year, reports the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Charters now comprise more than five percent of public schools in the country.

California added 81 schools this year, Florida added 67 and Texas added 41.

Since 2007-08, the public charter sector has added 1,700 schools – almost a 50 percent increase – and is serving an additional one million students – an increase of 80 percent.

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  1. Florida resident says:

    A “real estate” aspect of charter school business:
    From there:
    “For example, Birmingham H.S. in Lake Balboa has 72 acres of easily freeway-accessible campus. Its spacious grounds are used routinely as a filming location by the entertainment industry. Birmingham went charter several years ago in a dispute over whether its lucrative stream of TV and Movie money should go to the school district as a whole or just to Birmingham.
    How much would 72 acres of land with a full set of facilities in the middle of the San Fernando Valley cost to rent? A half million dollars per month? A million? “