Wanted: A geezer with grammar skills

If you’re 70 or older, lucid and literate, there’s an (unpaid) job for you in Portland editing the autobiographical stories of a 79-year-old “geezer.”  Why the age requirement?

. . . I advertised before, received 117 responses. . .and NONE were sufficiently conversant with the English language to achieve an acceptable level of editing. It appears that a preponderance of younger people have not been taught correct grammar and satisfactory writing skills.

In addition to “possessing intimate knowledge and understanding of correct composition, grammar and punctuation,” he’s looking for someone who will work for satisfaction rather than money.

Why should those young punks learn to punctuate if there’s no money in it?

The ad was highlighted by Jim Romenesko, who also spotted Chicago Craigslist ad seeking a ghostwriter:

I would like to write a book, but find myself without the time or expertise to write it.

Age isn’t mentioned. (Neither is pay.) The successful applicant “must possess various abilities, powerful writing skills, knack for putting ideas together, experiences and information into words and can write about any topic.”

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  1. Sometimes when I search for a right person for my job, I start thinking I need at least 50-year-old person to handle the task mentally. Few young people possess the required level of scrupulosity and know what short text messages some time ago stood for…

  2. Let me get this straight: he’s looking for somebody who will work for nothing, and is having trouble finding somebody? Maybe the fundamental issue here isn’t about grammar, but economics.