Resegregation now

Large and medium-sized “school districts in the South have steadily resegregated” when freed from court supervision, according to a Stanford School of Education study published in the fall issue of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

“Many of the gains that resulted from the Brown decision are being lost,” said Sean Reardon, a professor of education at Stanford and lead author of Brown Fades: The End of Court-Ordered School Desegregation and the Resegregation of American Public Schools.

Suburban schools are failing to integrate disadvantaged minority students, concludes a new book, The Resegregation of Suburban Schools, edited by Erica Frankenberg and Gary Orfield. “The United States today is a suburban nation that thinks of race as an urban issue, and often assumes that it has been largely solved,” write the editors. Not so.

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  1. FTA:

    Though there is evidence that desegregation in the 1960s and 1970s led to improvements in educational attainment by black students and possibly greater achievement, the researchers caution that it is unclear that resegregation seen in the 1990s and 2000s will have the opposite effect.

    Reardon said that further study is needed to assess whether resegregation has significant consequences for educational attainment and academic achievement of students.

    What “gains” are being lost?

    When white children are doused with gasoline and set on fire by blacks egged on by the victimology pushed by their black teachers, it’s not a mystery why whites flee schools with high black enrollments; it would be a mystery if they didn’t.

    • As always, EP, stay classy. Before I even opened the comments, I knew you would be the first commenter… post such as this are bait for racists… but don’t worry… your usual defenders will flock in to defend you and accuse me for being the real racist. Racism in conservative circles has been redefined as anyone who has the temerity to call out others for their bigotry and prejudice…

      On a side note, I always wonder if Joanne is “proud” that her blog has become a gathering spot for conservative white resentment.

      • Way to admit that the “gains” being lost aren’t academic, but social engineering.  Of course, White liberals don’t want their kids to go to schools full of behavior problems (up to rape) and teaching to a very low lowest common denominator, so they segregate themselves as vigorously as conservatives; they just deny that “good schools” have anything to do with race or even culture.

        The irony is that liberals have all read “Nineteen Eighty-Four” but fail to recognize themselves in it.

        • Don’t worry, EP…. I have already contacted the Obama administration about your post. Don’t be alarmed when jack-boot thugs arrive at your door to escort you to the “FEMA” re-education camps. That is, as soon as Obama finishes dismantling the Constitution, giving all the wealth to blacks as restitution for slavery, and then turning the country over to the UN… yeah, I watched that movie 2016 that conservatives were raving about as the “truth.”

          • Actually, students have been self-segregating on school campuses for years, it’s just that it isn’t reported on at all is the case 🙂

          • I have already contacted the Obama administration about your post.

            Maybe if you did that about all the bad news reporting on school systems like Highland Park (MI), you could get all the problems there swept under the rug too.  That is, until the ACLU demanded headlines for its “right to learn to read” suit; THEN it would be fit to talk about, but not one second sooner and only Approved Non-Hateful Or Racist Opinions.

          • Mark Roulo says:

            You left out the black helicopters. Those are the best part 🙂

      • Would I be one of Engineer-Poet’s flocking defenders if I pointed out that between the two of you Engineer-Poet at least referenced the subject at hand whereas all your posts in this thread have been content-free personal attacks?

        Based on experience, I suppose you’d have to refer to me as a flocker as well so let’s leave that aside.

        With regard to the article, it’s the usual, crappy defense of forced busing but what else is possible? The policy is idiotic on its face, since no good reason can provided. That’s why it’s necessary to substitute the vague implication that it’s such an inherently good idea that any objection can only be based on the most evil of intentions.

        But that’s not really all that good a substitute for a reason for the policy unless you’re prejudiced with regard to the idea of forced busing. Which you are of course since espousal of forced busing is as near as the likes of you will ever be to being a Freedom Rider.

        Sorry bubbala but with a black guy in the White House and interracial relations in mass entertainment having passed from edgy to clichéd to unremarkable the golden age of the race card is behind us. It’s only old, bitter, white lefties to cling to the race card and the illusion of your tolerance.

        • I’ve found it’s much easier once you realize that “racist” is just a word used to silence people bringing unwelcome facts into the light of day.  You’re supposed to feel guilty and slink away when they do that, which is funny because it has been so devalued that it doesn’t mean anything beyond “violating PC taboos” anymore.

          • It gets even easier when you realize what you’re dealing with in the leftie mind is emotional immaturity.

          • Roger Sweeny says:

            There’s emotional immaturity on both the left and the right–and emotional maturity, too.

            It’s easy to dismiss people you disagree with by saying they are mentally screwed up–but it is almost always wrong, no more true than that you or momof4 are evil white racists.

          • And evil, along with crazy and stupid, are the sum total of the left’s response to all contrary views and the people holding them. The yin to that yang is that the left consists of morally-uplifted, eminently sane geniuses.

            Care to winkle out the emotional maturity hiding in that morass of infantile narcissism?

          • Roger Sweeny says:

            allen, was that supposed to be ironic? You call people who disagree with you evil, crazy, and stupid–and then say, “Care to winkle out the emotional maturity hiding in that morass of infantile narcissism?”

          • No, it wasn’t meant to be ironic but is a functional description of leftie motivations and their results.

            Lefties are intellectual giants which is why conservatives simply must be stupid. Lefties are beacons of moral rectitude which is why conservatives are evil and conservatives are crazy which is simply a gratuitous insult which, along with the other two self-serving assumptions about conservative, frees lefties from the tiresome task of having to engage their moral and intellectual inferiors as if they were equals.

            I refer you to Jab’s comments on this thread as specific examples in support of my hypothesis of the emotional immaturity of lefties and assert that comments of a similar tone, consisting of nothing more then contentless insults, is common currency among Jab’s fellow lefties.

      • Having lived in Montgomery County, MD before and after its prized socioeconomic integration program began, it was easy to see that some of the new arrivals brought their dysfunctional behaviors with them. One of the groups most strongly against the policy was the black professionals. They, or their parents, had made it out of the inner cities and wanted no part of the problems. The fact that their kids were specifically targeted by the new arrivals as oreos and sell-outs was infuriating, as was the need to put their kids in private schools to escape the bad influence. Those who asserted that the low-SES kids would miraculously adopt middle-class values did not consider the possibility of the opposite transfer; a few bad apples etc.

  2. My impression is that the people who complain the most about school segregation are the same people who are demanding that it happen. For example, consider the “africentric” schools in Toronto:

    • If it’s any consolation, the value of self-segregation diminishes over time. That’s why the power of legal authority’s necessary; left to ourselves “other” becomes familiar and thus less scary and that won’t do if you extract personal benefit from forced segregation.

      One of the facts of the Birmingham bus boycott that’s *not* part of the lore of the civil rights era is that the bus company that was boycotted lobbied against the laws that were designed to humiliate black customers.

      Yes, that’s right oh mighty lefty warriors against intolerance, it was free enterprise, by putting a distinct price on racism that created a white constituency opposed to racial segregation laws. Hate’s a lot easier when it doesn’t cost you anything but let it diminish your net worth and a serious re-think becomes urgent.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    Whatever people like jab say, parents are going to do what parents want to do, given the opportunity. Fortunately for parents who need opportunities, the opportunities–charter schools, low-cost private schools, good homeschool curricula–are increasing.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Some of those folks choosing segregation are black and Hispanic. NYC has had a net outflow of middle and working class blacks for over a decade. Those folks have for the most part moved to working and middle class suburbs of Southern cities like Atlanta and Nashville. They frequently choose areas that are majority black. Intentionally.

      • Richard Aubrey says:

        Think they’d go for forced busing? I mean, fair’s fair and all that. Make jab happy.
        Wouldn’t it?

      • Prince George County, MD was the first majority-black suburban county in the country. Starting in the 60s, blacks moved out of DC.

      • Stacy in NJ says:

        Every thing you need to know about this “study” is clearly illustrated by the photo accompanying it. A neat row of traditional desks occupied by 6 girls (two black, one Asain, the rest white) and one boy. Notice the boy has a crew-cut, black t-shirt, and an agressive facial contortion – clearly he doesn’t belong here. All of them earnestly holding a number 2 pencil with looks of focus and concentration written across their faces.

        Or, a progressive authoritarian’s wet dream. If only the rest of America would get on board and allow the right thinking folks (academic leeches who live off either government tax money or the guilt money of fellow progressive authoritarians) to do what needs to be done. Because what these districts need to MORE judicial oversight. Yeah, that’s it. No mention of demographics or any other idea that may explain WHY some folks are choosing to segregate.

        And folks wonder why terms like “ammo in bulk” is the most searched term on google.

        • Oh please do explain “ammo in bulk” Stacy. Be explicit.

          Joanne, great little cesspool of white resentment you got here. Are you proud that this is what your blog has become???

          • Stacy in NJ says:

            Sure, I’ll be explicit, jab. Ammo in bulk is about trust. We don’t trust the state in almost any form to keep us safe or represent our best interests. The “us” in the sentence is Americans of diverse race and both genders. Hence the surge in legal gun purchases by both women and blacks.

            But, because you can only see the world in terms of identity you must read a racist aspect to it. This is your projection not my reality.

  4. Stacy, that isn’t an “aggressive facial contortion” that’s good old fashioned thinking-hard-thoughts face English.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Right. I can see it that way, too. But why is the boy the only one thinking hard?

      I don’t want to belabor the point, but it is interesting that the editors chose this picture to accompany this story. Why not a picture of a roomful of single race students? Why not a class full of only black students (see? segregation!). This picture is the ideal – the ideal for those who read the Stanford News, anyways. See what we could be if only you did what we want you to do?!!!
      Never mind what real black, white, Asian, and Hispanic people actually want or need. Progressive authoritarians find segregation embarrassing and barbaric. Just like they find gun ownership and religious belief embarrassing and barbaric. Boohoo we’re not Europeans! These types of studies (cough, cough) aren’t produced to actually change policy. The authors know that there’s zero chance that those districts affected will be forced to engage in any type of busing or desegregation. Not because whites would object (and they might) but because blacks wouldn’t have it – not for a minute. This study published in this newspaper flatters its readers. Barf.

    • Ohio… you see, Stacy covers up her racism with just enough “plausible deniability.”

      • Stacy in NJ says:

        You’re very welcome, jab. I’m happy to give your life meaning by being an object of hate. Because if you didn’t have us racists to provide you with your feelings of moral superiority you might have to examine your own motives, and God knows that should be avoided.