Michigan teachers protest right-to-work bill

Michigan teachers walked out to protest a right-to-work law that will end automatic deductions to pay union dues. The bill passed the legislature and will be signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Several districts that couldn’t find enough substitutes declared a “snow day.” An estimated 26,000 students missed class.

After Wisconsin’s teachers’ unions lost the right to collect dues from all teachers — and to negotiate for non-monetary issues — union membership fell by 30 percent.

Teacher Nancy Flanagan explains why she’s “stickin’ to the union.

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  1. Ecclesiastes says:

    If they are acting in loco parentis, aren’t they to be arrested for abandonment and neglect?

    No? That’s what I thought. Specific power but nebulous responsibility.

  2. Since only 7% of Detroit 8th graders score “Proficient” in reading, I doubt that it matters whether they ever again show up for work.

  3. The right to work legislation passed…the teachers need to quit whining and go back to work…

  4. Listening to the protesters/union officials and watching the video footage do not convey the message that teachers are professionals; quite the opposite.