Easy-Bake for all

Hasbro will meet with a 13-year-old New Jersey girl who wants a gender-neutral Easy-Bake oven suitable for her little brother.

McKenna Pope complained the oven  is only available in “girlie purple and pink colors,” she wrote in a petition on Change.org.

My husband asked for an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas more than 50 years ago. He didn’t care about the color. He just figured he could eat more cupcakes if he made them himself, instead of having to wait for his mother to bake.  Later he honed his cooking skills by working in a pizza place.

Gender scrambling is in, writes Hanna Rosin.

. . . Mattel unveiled the Mega Bloks Barbie line, which encourages girls to do what their brothers used to do to annoy them: take apart and rebuild the Barbie house. Lego’s surprise hit this season is a construction kit called “Friends” aimed at girls. Yes, it’s pastel colors, and the characters—Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie—are much curvier than your usual Lego figures. But their logos, printed on the boxes and online, are practical-minded construction type phrases such as: like, “Let’s get to work,” or “Let’s figure it out.”

Costco, meanwhile, is selling a “Police and Fire Playset” that looks remarkably like a dollhouse, with kitchens, bathrooms and loungy sofas and chairs, all in primary colors.

Other popular dollhouses this season stress “female independence,” writes anthropologist Lisa Wade. Instead of a “heteronormative” husband, wife, and children, kids can play with several Barbies and one Ken.

And we all know Ken is gay.

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  1. That brought to mind the song “Easy Bake Ovens” by the band Girlyman.


    I was in the audience at this very show and loved this song most of all; I only wished people weren’t talking loudly while it was going on.

  2. If you want the equivalent of an “Easy Bake Oven in gender-neutral colors”, buy a cheap convection toaster oven. I see Easy Bakes for $40, I could easily find a convection toaster oven for $45 – and while I doubt it’s the highest quality what are the odds it doesn’t outdo Hasbro?

    You can also teach your kid how to use the real oven, and use the $40-$45 on ingredients.

  3. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Aaron, you sound just like my mother. “We have an ‘easy-bake’ oven. It’s in the kitchen. Here, I’ll teach you how to make dinner in it!”

  4. Deirdre Mundy says:

    For the record, we got my 3 year old a nice play kitchen for his Bday (old one was falling apart.) It is green, red, beige and grey. He loves it. Because, as a conservative, traditional type, I believe all men should learn to cook. How else will they help their wives through morning sickness?

    • Everhopeful says:

      Or, more precisely, how else will they eat while their wives are unable to cook because they’re suffering through morning sickness? 🙂

    • Mark Roulo says:


      The point of guys learning to cook is to get wives.

      Chicks dig guys who can cook. Or so my wife and I tell our son 🙂

      • Well, that’s true, the last time I cooked stuff for a dinner party, most of the boyfriends and husbands really hated me… hehehehe

    • I don’t think that knowing the basic cooking techniques and being able to put a healthy meal on the table is ever a disadvantage and even kindergarten kids aren’t too young to start. I remember standing on a stool at the stove from the time I turned 4, and, by 10 I was making everything from homemade bread to main dishes (even roasting turkeys) and desserts. Back then, boys weren’t taught; it was assumed their wives would cook. Even my former-home-ec teacher mom didn’t teach my brother. As an adult, he wished she had; he married late and his wife has never cooked, so he had to learn on his own. I started all my kids early and they’re happy I did.