A credit here, a credit there

Assembling credits from a variety of online courses, one man earned an associate degree from an accredited college for a total cost of $3,000. Courses ranged from art appreciation, music appreciation, macroeconomics and accounting to a series of Federal Emergency Management Agency courses, including Livestock in Disasters. Just a wee bit incoherent?

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  1. Dennis Ashendorf (@OrangeMath) says:

    It’s an AA degree. The livestock course is unusual, but electives are allowed in this world.

    This is actually a great success; yes, great. Lowering the cost of college is important. For example, the student used Straighterline at $100/month. Would you prefer that the person took community college classes in California, when you cannot get the ones you want or need? It takes my students 3-4 years to graduate now with an AA. How much money is lost? How many years of living a normal life is lost?

    Don’t worry about this. California Community Colleges are in a building boom with class reduction. They don’t accept Straighterline. Gotta keep those standards high.

    Hypocrites. Praise the enterprising student for playing within a corrupt system.