Chocolate geometry

As a Los Angeles teacher, Nigel Nisbet turned Toblerone chocolate bars into geometry problems to motivate math-hating students, he said at a TEDx conference in southern California. He asked students: “Why make a chocolate bar in the shape of a triangular prism?”

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  1. Heh. When I lived in Europe as an exchange student for a year, part of the oral section of the final exam in math featured a Toblerone bar on the table. I didn’t get to eat it at the end though.

  2. The comments are pretty apt. Nigel is exactly the sort of math teacher that excites people who have no idea what’s involved in teaching math.

  3. george larson says:


    Are oral sections of final exams common in Europe?

    • I don’t really know. They were required in the country I lived in, which has a standard curriculum and testing protocol for the whole country, but I could not say for any of the others.