Ohio: Exit exam will test college readiness

Ohio will replace its high-school graduation test with a tougher college-readiness exam and end-of-course tests, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

The current graduation test asks for 10th-grade skills. Forty-two percent of first-year college students in the state require remedial coursework.

The new college- and career-readiness test has not been developed. There’s “talk of using the ACT,” which would be provided free of charge, reports the Dispatch. End-of-course exams will be required in English I, II and III, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, biology, physical science, American history and American government. Test grades will count as a portion of the grade for the course.

So what happens when the failure rate soars? And what about Ohio students who aren’t prepping for college but want a high school diploma to qualify for an apprenticeship or the military?

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  1. Some state legislators are considering this in Nevada as well, but IMO, if the remediation rate in Ohio is 42% for incoming college freshmen, presumably with a high school diploma and having passed the exit examination in Ohio, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs…

    The 42% who need remediation probably couldn’t pass the minimum needed on the ASVAB to enlist in the military (28 to 43) out of a maximum in the 90’s

    Sad indeed