College readiness starts in preschool

If colleges and universities want well-prepared students, they’ll need to work with local schools and community partners to help children develop academic skills and motivation, starting in preschool, concludes a new report.

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  1. It’s far from PC to mention it, but young and poorly-educated teenagers do not make good parents and that’s where the problems start. Most would not qualify to adopt a pet from a shelter. Procreation unaccompanied by the maturity, family stability (marriage) and suitable resources to raise kids properly has been proven to be a bad idea; for the mother and for the kids. Regrettably, we’ve now deteriorated to irresponsible sperm donors, not fathers.

    • Florida resident says:

      Dear momof4 !
      I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      I would formulate it in this way.
      “College readiness starts”, when the parents do
      (or do not) provide the genes
      necessary for reaching
      the adequate level of cognitive ability of the child.
      Your F.r.