Chicago will pay parents to pick up report cards

Chicago parents who pick up their child’s report card and attend parent-teacher conferences will get a $25 Walgreen’s gift card.  The rewards — or bribes, if you prefer — will be tried at 70 public schools with low parent involvement.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel came up with the idea. Walgreen’s is donating the cards as a promotion.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    This is everything that is wrong with public education today.

    Thinking that bribing “parents” to fulfill a basic responsibility to their child is going to bring about some improvement in…what? “Involvement”? “Engagement”?

    The schools are the clueless, ineffective, cajoling parents; the “parents” are their irresponsible children, and the actual children are wards of the absent state.

    We need to burn Horace Mann in effigy.

  2. This idea is freaking moronic, when I attended public schools in the late 70’s, if the school requested a PTC, the parents (in most cases) usually attended, except for those parents who just didn’t care about their offspring’s education.

    Bribery to get parents to attend something they should be going to on their own is just plain stupid.