Bronx students can’t get English, math classes

Students are begging for math and English classes at the Bronx High School for Medical Science, a magnet school. While honors students can take enough classes to graduate after three years, juniors in the non-honors track are being told they’ll be able to make up core classes — eventually — and earn enough credits to graduate.

Two juniors, Eddie Duarte and Kavoy Mayne, met with a guidance counselor, who also insisted that the school was short on teachers, the students said.

Duarte even asked his wrestling coach, who teaches math and science at another school in the Taft Educational Campus where Medical Science is located, if the coach could teach him trigonometry.

“Our SATs are coming up,” Eddie said. “I don’t understand how we’re supposed to be ready for those without math or English.”

The school employs five English teachers and six math teachers for its 460 students, which should be enough, says the school district. Do they have tiny classes for the honors students?

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  1. I think its likely that their master schedule is poorly constructed, leaving them shortages at time slots that would fit into a non-honors track person’s schedule. I’ve seen this in other schools, and its usually because the administrators in charge of that area lack the ability to redo an entire master schedule, and are instead just using whatever one they inherited with some small changes.

  2. george larson says:

    I thought with automated scheduling that came with Student Information Systems this would not be a problem.

  3. lightly seasoned says:

    SIS requires a lot of hand-scheduling. It does some funky stuff and does a very poor job of balancing numbers.

    • Tools are great, but only if the person using them understands how to use them. The hand tweaking required to really do a schedule, even with computerized support, requires knowledgeable and competent administrators.