4 more years: What’s ahead for higher ed?

What’s ahead for higher ed in the next four years? President Obama pledged to link federal aid to colleges’ willingness to cut the rate of tuition growth, but was that just campaign rhetoric?

California community colleges will use new tax revenue to add classes and reduce wait lists.

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  1. In Hawaii, a subsidiary of the NEA assesses public-sector post-secondary staff dues or agency fees. The same probably occurs in other union-ridden States. They supported Obama and (generally) promote his preferred politics. Plus, supporting “education” buys the intellectually insecure (such as our affirmative action President) easy intellectual credit. No way they suffer cuts. “Spending is stimulus” doncha know.

  2. Linking federal aid to a cut the rate of tuition growth? Good bye tuition increases, hello rapidly increasing lab fees, student activities fees and every other thing a very inventive and highly motivated college administration can think of to keep increasing revenues.