College remains a good investment

College remains a good investment, concludes the Hamilton Project. College is 50 percent more expensive than it was 30 years ago, but the lifetime earning gains — $450,000 more than a high school graduate’s earnings — are 75 percent higher.

Today’s jobs — and tomorrow’s — require more education and training, say human resources professionals.

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  1. Florida resident says:

    To make the conclusion
    “College remains a good investment”,
    as concludes the Hamilton Project,
    one should make this experiment:

    Take a group of youngsters randomly, with their varying IQ and other qualities.
    By a lottery send some of them to College,
    and forbid the other part from going to College.

    Then you can make such a conclusion (or opposite of it, depending of the results.)

    Otherwise you can not tell the difference, whether other hypothesis is valid:
    Those who had high cognitive ability in the first place, they both,
    1) go to and graduate from College, and
    2) are successful in life, earning more.

    With great appreciation of the work by Joanne Jacobs
    Respectfully submitted by F.r.

  2. This type of analysis should be broken down by major. In addition, it should be broken down by the final level that the student attains (BA, MA, professional degree). It should also always be careful to point out that college pays for those who graduate, not those who don’t.