College is about learning, not just job training

Community colleges’ mission is learning, not just job training, a professor writes. No other sector of higher education gives low-income and working-class people “a legitimate shot at upward mobility.”

Short-term job training is growing at community colleges. In Minneapolis, laid-off workers can find good manufacturing jobs with 16 to 18 weeks of Right Skills Now training.

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  1. Thanks for your post! I totally agree with you that colleges are considered to be a learning place. I believe every institution should be seen as a learning and not as a place where one goes to get trained for jobs. If one has got enough knowledge then he can automatically utilize it in his life in some way or the other.

  2. Jessica,

    There is one problem with that, most of the high schools in the U.S. have eliminated the vocational education programs they once had, usually due to budgetary and sometimes liability concerns. How would you suggest students get the knowledge they need to obtain jobs in our increasingly skill oriented society?