Chicago: Brizard resigns as schools chief

Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard has resigned after only 17 months on the job. He will be replaced by the chief education officer, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, a former teacher and principal who ran the Cleveland school system.

Chicago’s education scene remains a powder keg, ready to erupt at the smallest provocation,” writes Joy Resmovits in a strike wrap-up in the Huffington Post.

“Some of the most controversial issues at stake in the strike have yet to be completely decided,” she writes. Committees are meeting to discuss conflicts over issues such as teacher evaluation. The district will spend an extra $295 million over four years to pay raises, which “many believe will cause layoffs” and school closures.

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  1. They think they’re in trouble with money woes already – watch out, BBB, as she is NOT so fondly known in Cleveland, OH, is a BIG spender. Her way of getting things done is to by-pass the locals by bringing in her own people – the bureaucracy gets unbelievable, as you often have 5-6 layers where 1-2 existed before. It’s also expensive – her people don’t come cheap.

    I also question how she get results – the numbers don’t seem to add up, and the “improvements” collapse just as soon as she leaves town. And the crony-favors don’t stop – she pays more for everything she buys.

    She’s also famous in teacher circles for:

    – using long-term subs in open positions – often the family or friends of connected people. Those open positions can go on for YEARS without even attempting to fill them.
    – EXTREMELY poor financial management – money walks out the door with very little accounting.
    – directing her personal driver to park in the handicapped spaces near entrances/elevators when visiting schools – Heaven Forbid that she should have to walk!
    – buying peace with the unions by saddling her successors with awful contracts – LONG after she’s left.

    Chicago will be VERY sorry that they hired her.