Rowdy kids disrupt classmates’ learning

Kids with poor self-control don’t learn as much in first grade — and neither do their classmates — concludes a study by Lori Skibbe and colleagues. It’s no surprise that disruptive students make it hard for teachers to teach and students to learn, writes Dan Willingham, but the effect is surprisingly large.

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  1. This is news? It’s common sense…

  2. Katie Jones says:

    This makes sense. Disruptive students make things difficult for everyone, including themselves.

  3. Any teacher could, and has, been saying this for years.

    Yet administrators are concerned with the optics of disciplining too many minorities instead…..

  4. That had to do a study to figure this out?

  5. I’m grateful for the study. I hope more are done. We need ammo to push for stronger discipline in public schools.

  6. And was there not just a major conversation about the racism of discipline methods at public schools? That’s where stronger discipline leads–disparate impact complaints.

    • Romney could win the presidential election by campaigning on that one issue, the elimination of “disparate impact” as a civil rights issue under the law.

      He hasn’t said a peep about it.  Either his handlers are clueless, or they like the situation just the way it is.