Learn more, earn more

People who learn more, earn more. However, the rate of return is high on associate degrees because community college tuition is so low.

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  1. Florida resident says:

    “People who learn more, earn more.”
    How about cause and consequence arrow:

    People with higher cognitive ability, both
    1. Learn more,
    2.Earn more ?

    See Herrrnstein and Murray,
    “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life”,


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    With respectful greetings to Joanne Jacobs,
    Your F.r.

    • People with higher cognitive ability, both
      1. Learn more,
      2.Earn more ?


      (there, now that’s out of the way. Stop laughing, the rest is serious.)

      The people pushing the blank-slate narrative have no answer to the example of Orientals.  All those descendants of poor Chinese and Japanese immigrants have higher achievement and lower rates of dysfunction despite massive historical discrimination.  Measured IQ ranks these rates of achievement (positive correlation) and dysfunction (negative) precisely as the cognitive realists predict.  The blank-slater’s only tactic is to demonize those who dare to notice as bad people.  Sadly, this has worked for decades.

      Our inability to adjust our policies according to facts or even have frank talk about these things in public proves that the USA is uncomfortably close to totalitarianism.

      • Florida resident says:

        Dear Engineer-Poet !

        Did your comment meant to say that the statement in my comment
        is so-called “hate fact” ?

        Or you were meaning to say that my comment is technically incorrect ?

        I personally do not care about being labeled in any manner,
        but I do care about technical validity of my statements.

        I would appreciate a reply in the form of a poem.


        • I am not one to say things with much tact
          But I do try to keep myself exact
          And my statement up there
          As I’m sure you’re aware
          Was to point out that it was a “hate fact”.

          • Florida resident says:

            Bravo !
            Your F.r.

          • Florida resident says:

            There was an Old Man with a nose,
            Who said, “If you choose to suppose
            That my nose is too long,
            You are certainly wrong!”
            That remarkable Man with a nose.

            I do not claim that I wrote it, but it describes the situation well enough;
            the more so that I really feel myself old.

            Most friendly, dear Engineer-Poet,
            Your Florida resident