Is college getting easier?

Is College Getting Easier?

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  1. Mark Roulo says:

    It is sad that leisure studies majors do MORE studying on average than speech majors. It is as if the kids aren’t paying attention in class …

  2. The concept that college is easier isn’t a new one…class time has decreased since the 1960’s, and more often, students study less and get better grades (STEM majors in general are excepted here).

    IMO, I think most kids (and their parents) are getting taken for a huge ride by paying for college these days. Students (and their parents) wind up with 20-25,000 of debt (or more), with not much to show for it, given that almost 2/3rds of graduates are jobless or working in jobs which don’t require a college degree.

    Indentured Servitude it would seem to me…

    I’m in favor of students doing their first two years at a community or junior college, and getting an associates or associates of applied science degree, then continuing onward and upward.

  3. This is the worst designed info-graphic I have ever seen. It’s just comically bad.