High school coach in trouble for sex book

self-published book of sex advice and opinions has meant trouble for a high school girls basketball coach in suburban Chicago.  Bryan Craig,  also a counselor at Rich Central High School, resigned as the varsity coach and is on administrative leave while the district reviews the issue.

In the forward to the book, titled “It’s Her Fault,” Craig says his intention is to give women a guide to gaining the “upper hand in a relationship” because he is tired of hearing them complain. The book contains graphic details on his observations of the female anatomy, including what he describes as physical differences between ethnicities that lead him to conclude that “Latin women have more children.”

Among the assertions in the book is that all men and women should be promiscuous before getting married.

He also writes, “The easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem. Of course some will feel this is taking advantage, and yes it is.

Can he be fired for expressing his opinions? Should he be?

No, writes Darre.  Firing a teacher for something like this is a “heckler’s veto” on employment. 

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  1. Katie Jones says:

    Wow. This is crazy.

  2. The government should not fire him, but other things being equal, I’d prefer someone else to teach my children. That’s why I prefer private schools, which have more discretion in hiring and firing.

  3. You have to be a nun or priest to teach K-12 these days; which is ironic, since it’s illegal now…

  4. I am reminded of an interview long back where the candidate made an offhand joke (clearly not meant to be truthful) about beating his wife.

    You know, what prevents you from being hired is not that the joke is offensive (because I’m not easily offended), it’s that you don’t have the good sense to realize that a job interview is not a good time to tell a wife beating joke.

    This seems to fit along those lines: the real problem here is that this guy just didn’t have the sense — at any point along the long process of publishing this thing — that, perhaps, it was a really crappy idea.

  5. for all the hard work he put into his education,basketball,take every penny
    how could any man think this type of reading would be ok!!!!! the fool take all he had comeing