Gallup: Private schools get top marks

Seventy-eight percent of Americans say private schools provide an excellent or good education, according to a new Gallup poll. At least 6 in 10 say parochial schools or charter schools provide a quality education, 46 percent endorse homeschooling and 37 percent say public schools are excellent or good.

Parents of school-aged children are more likely to praise public schools: 47 percent say public schools as excellent or good. Democrats also are more positive about public schools. But all groups said education quality is highest in private and parochial schools.

As in every survey, people were much more satisfied with their children’s public school than with public schooling in general.

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  1. Any of the usual suspects want to offer an explanation for this well-documented dichotomy between parental satisfaction with their own district schools and their dissatisfaction with the K-12 system as a whole?

    Mike? Caroline?

  2. Of course, how do they really know. Only 12% of students actually attend private schools.

  3. Ah, one of the usual suspects.

    So Michael, why do parents think the public schools their kids go to are peachy when they think the entire system sucks? That is the quite consistent insight provided by polling.