Common Core cartoons

Here’s my favorite from Larry Cuban’s Cartoons on Common Core Standards.

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  1. Florida resident says:

    Good news about the “system” of American education (and bad news about demography):

    With respectful greetings to Joanne Jacobs,
    Your F. r.

  2. From everything I’ve read and everything I’ve heard from Asian connections, the Asian schools are highly competitive and kids are likely to attend cram school in addition (many Asian kids do here, too). Admission to the top high schools is competitive and the same for the top colleges. I’ve read about Japanese suicides when the admission notices for top schools are released – for decades. Asian attention appears to be focused on the kids at the top, while ours is on the kids at the bottom. Some of these kids are neither educable nor trainable and some are trainable, but we spend vastly more on them than we do on the same percentage of kids at the top, let alone kids in the top third or half. Anything provided to the most able and motivated kids is labelled elitist and insufficiently diverse; other countries don’t concern themselves with either (although top-performing countries are likely to far less diverse than the US).