Chicago faculty union OKs performance pay

Unionized professors and staff at City Colleges of Chicago have agreed to performance pay. Instead of annual pay hikes for seniority, faculty members could earn bonuses based on student outcomes, such as graduation, transfer and employment rates. The bonuses won’t be linked to individual performance. If the district reaches it goals, all faculty members will receive more money.

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  1. A bit more information would have been helpful.

    For instance, how does the process guard against grade inflation? If the graduation rate is the metric that’ll be used what’s to stop the professors from handing out an “A” to every student who staggers through the door?

    I know this is teeny, little article but it leaves more questions then is supplies answers.

    Since this is so at odds with the response of so much of the teaching professions attitude toward accountability what, uh, accounts for the acceptance of the idea? A purely local situation? Change to Illinois law? It would be worth it to know whether this is an outlier or the leading edge of a change.