CC was first step for many 4-year grads

Forty-five percent of four-year graduates studied — at least for awhile — at a community college, reports a new study. Forty percent were enrolled only for one or two terms.

Also on Community College Spotlight: The wine industry has saved Walla Walla, Washington — with the help of the local community college, which trains new wine workers.

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  1. It was for me – I earned my BA, and later a Master’s in Computers.

  2. I have two associates from a local community college (Comp. Information Technology) and (internetwork technology (cisco)).

    A community college is a good place to start for most students, as they can get the core classes out of the way (Eng 101/102, poly sci/history/sociology/psych/econ/philosophy/math/science)…

    College costs have become so insane that most students are finding themselves drowning in debt by getting a degree which in many cases has a poor ROI (return on investment). See the story about the gal who has almost 190,000 in student loan debt (indentured servitude here folks).