The KIPP model goes to college

The City University of New York’s experimental New Community College, which will have more resources, structure and paternalism, resembles the KIPP model for middle schools.

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  1. Treating college students like middle school students…. It seems fair to infer that virtually no student who can get by without being infantilized will choose such a program, and virtually no student who needs such a program can reasonably be deemed to be “college material”, so….

    Really, though, the program you describe seems less like KIPP and more like a very structured alternative to putting students in remedial classes. (“mandatory full-time enrollment for the first year… and very little choice in classes” would also be a lot like the first year of law school or medical school.) With in-state tuition set at $3,900 per year and projected costs at $30,000 per year per student, one hopes it can deliver.