NCLB waivers let states set goals by race

Virginia will revise its new goals for student achievement, but will continue to set “different achievement goals for students according to race, family income and disability,” reports the Washington Post.  That’s OK with Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The Obama administration has allowed states to set different goals for different groups of students, as long as the low-performing students are required to make greater rates of progress, so that the gap between struggling students and high-achieving students is cut in half over six years.

The District and 27 of the 33 states that have received waivers from the Obama administration under No Child Left Behind have also set new goals that call for different levels of achievement for different groups of students.

In Maryland, for example, state officials say they want Asian students to progress from 94.5 percent proficient in math in 2011 to 97 percent by 2017. During the same period, the state wants black students to improve from 68 percent to 84 percent. The black students are expected to reach a lower endpoint but they would have to improve at a faster rate.

Virginia’s goals qualified the state for a NCLB waiver. While 89 percent of Asian students and 78 percent of whites are expected pass state math tests in 2017, only 65 percent of Hispanics, 57 percent of blacks and 49 percent of special-education students are expected to pass.

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  1. Bostonian says:

    Since IQ differs by race, income, and disability (since some fraction of the “learning disabled” are what used to be called “mentally retarded), this policy makes sense.

    • Except that it will cause riots at schools across the country because certain groups of certain color and/or SES will decide that they’re being ‘ripped off’ instead of helped (biting the hand that’s trying to help you up)… Face it, our culture in this country has become totally self-destructive. The end is inevitable. Where will you be when the nation’s economcy collapses because of three generations of uneducated Americans coming back to haunt us all?

      • Well you’re just a ray of sunshine, aren’t you?

        But why are you bothering with those who are too stupid to understand the piercing truths you so easily appreciate when you should be busy stockpiling ammunition, dried food and watching reruns of “Mad Max” for post-apocalypse survival tips? You really need to get your priorities straight!

  2. “Since IQ differs by race…”

    Don’t be surprised if you’ve been put on a government watch list because of that statement. Let us know next time you try to fly somewhere if DHS lets you board the plane!

    As for Gristle… I think he’s been listenting to too much Alex Jones, but his basic idea – that there will be unrest when the sorting rubrics for classes get out, and blacks and hispanics see that race is a factor – is sound. Though I see lots of lawsuits and a future serious shortage of teachers (many teachers will quit because they won’t be willing to run the legal mine field anymore) in store for us, not riots.