D.C. fires 3% of teachers

Washington D.C. schools fired 98 teachers for low performance on the district’s evaluation system.  That represents less than 3 percent of teachers in D.C. schools.

By contrast, 988 teachers — about a quarter of the teaching corps — were rated highly effective, making them eligible for bonuses of up to $25,000.

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  1. Where are the scores of awful teachers the “reformers” claimed were being protected by the unions. Looks like the “deformers” got an evaluation system they wanted and still can’t find enough horrible teachers.

    I predict the “think tanks” will issue supposed studies claiming the DC system isn’t rigorous enough.

    • Where are all the scores of awful teachers? Most of them are still on the job. But at least in Washington D.C. the unthinkable’s occurred – ninety-eight lousy teachers got the boot.

      You know Mike, there might be a screen play in this story.

      Imagine a future in which the public education system relentlessly pursues excellence, encourages good teachers to be better and ruthlessly expells lousy teachers from its august ranks.

      On second thought, never mind. Good science fiction stretches credibility but not past the break point.

  2. You know Allen, if you had read the article it states the number of teachers fired was less than the year before.

    Those who were dismissed — about half the number let go last year — account for less than 3?percent of the school system’s approximately 4,100 teachers.

    • You know Mike, considering how rotten the D.C. district is, and has been for a long time, that 3% figure is a gross disservice to the community and the kids. It probably ought to be closer to 30%.

      By the way Mike, Lousiana’s passed parental trigger and, with some effort, Michigan might pass parental trigger this year as well.

      • You mean 3 years of “reforms” under Rhee-first didn’t improve them?

        • I mean the district’s sucked for a very long time much as someone like you cares.

          As long as your paycheck clears the kids could’ve been shoved into a wood chipper as much as their fate matters to you. So getting rid of 3% of the sad sacks that infest the district doesn’t even qualify as a good start.

          • As always, no facts so Allen resorts to insults.

          • Gee, didn’t I mention that Louisiana’s enacted parental trigger? That’s a fact isn’t it?

            And in what sense was there any insult in my post? You’ve made it clear repeatedly that kids are a dreary necessity the absence of which you’d welcome. That certainly indicates an indifference to the fate of kids trapped in the sort of rotting public education district which the DC district typifies.

            The wood chipper was purely a metaphor for the results of a school district the like of which you can find no fault with.

            I suppose you could claim you do give a damn about those kids. I’m sure the habitues of the blog could use a good laugh.

            Go ahead. Why don’t you?

  3. Mark Roulo says:

    3% is looking fairly typical. The Washington Post claims the following numbers fired/let-go due to performance for the last three years:

        2012: 98
        2011: 206
        2010: 75

  4. Ultimately this is happening because there is a huge glut of teachers and this has been the case for about a decade.

    A district could can the entire school and hire replacements before the new school year starts. Since teachers are essentially randomly selected (in spite of what genius administrators claim) next year’s batch are likely to be of the same “quality”, on average, as the ones just let go.