Can technology replace teachers?

Can Technology Replace Teachers?  As part of a series of layoffs and salary cuts, Eagle County, Colorado’s school district  replaced three French and German teachers with online instruction, reports Ed Week. Nobody’s arguing the online courses are just as good, but enrollments were high enough to justify keeping the teachers.

Technology can help teachers do more, not serve as a replacement, writes Coach G.

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  1. Of all the areas, I would think that language instruction would be the least effective. I have taken online courses, but would never do it for languages.

    I need the pronunciation feedback that is only available by live teachers.

    (And yes, I’m fluent in Spanish, somewhat in French and German.) So, I’ve studied languages in many different settings, and have taught English for beginners, and as a second language.

  2. Cranberry says:

    “enrollments were high enough to justify keeping the teachers.” “Were not,” surely?

    I found the AP statistics for Colorado, through the Colorado DOE’s website. In all of Colorado, 99 students took the German Language AP exam in 2011. 241 students took the French language AP exam.

    0 students took the German AP exam in 2011 in Eagle County, and only 4 students took the French language AP exam in Eagle County. In comparison, 27 students took the Spanish language AP exam in Eagle County.

    I’m not a fan of online education. On the other hand, It looks as if there aren’t many students enrolled in French or German in Eagle County.

    Is it preferable to not offer the languages at all?