California colleges face accreditation woes

Twenty-seven California community colleges face accreditation sanctions. State funding is down while the feds have raised performance standards. Three are in serious trouble, 10 are on probation and 14 have received warnings.

Only one quarter of California’s degree-seeking community college students reach their goal in three years, compared to nearly two-thirds of for-profit students seeking an associate degree or certificate. For-profit schools are much more expensive, of course, but they’re also much better at getting students into the classes they need and getting them to the finish line.

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  1. Best part of that linked article?

    No list of the colleges that are facing sanctions.
    Three are mentioned by name; the rest are not mentioned at all.
    In the article that the linked article links to, the “big three” are mentioned by name, and the rest are grouped by region: “14 campuses — including those in Berkeley, Oakland, Merced and Fresno”

    Does anyone think that prospective students might want to know the names of these colleges?
    I suspect that this is the actual list – but I’m not 100% sure.

  2. I feel sorry for the people of the State of California. Once a shining jewel in the American Union, it’s now on the verge of total, complete collapse – economically, socially, etc. – and this is just further proof.

    This article also made think of this story I read the other day…