Book killer

Crafts maven Lauren Conrad demonstrates what BuzzFeed calls The Worst Craft Idea Ever, dismembering hardcover books to use their spines to create a “unique” storage box. She suggests using the pages as wallpaper.

Author Lemony Snicket, one of whose books was dismembered in the video, told Slate:

 “It has always been my belief that people who spend too much time with my work end up as lost souls, drained of reason, who lead lives of raving emptiness and occasional lunatic violence. What a relief it is to see this documented.”

Conrad, who apparent got her start on a reality TV show, has taken down the YouTube video.

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  1. Oh, man. I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s hysterical!

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    I agree. Hysterical.

    The earnestness sells it.

  3. Stacy in NJ says:

    I have something like 8 boxes in my basement full of books I need to sort and donate. I’d be happy enough if she took some off my hands as long as she took the whole book and not just the spines.

    Thank goodness for Kindle.

  4. Kind of reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 for some reason…

  5. I’ve seen so many similar book-killing crafts: book headboards for beds, book purses, book-killing wedding invitations etc.

    And then (more subtlely), there are a lot of home designers whose work shows exactly how little they value the printed word. They arrange books by color on shelves, they hang large pictures over bookcases (blocking access to the shelves). I’ve even seen a home design idea where you cover all of your books with white unlabeled dust jackets. There’s pretty much no end to the perfidy of home design people and what they are willing to do to books.

  6. Then there’s the “instant home library” crowd…

    Just moved into a bigger house, got to go through plenty of boxed books. It was painful, but a BUNCH got tossed. Like, did I REALLY need 3 Rice and Knight Calculus books?

    Kept the “Mathematics for Engineers” by Dull and Dull; the comic relief value alone means I’ll lug it about till I die…

    • Agree with you 100% on “Mathematics for Engineers” by Dull; it has pride of place on my bookshelves.

  7. In addition to LOTS of other books, I have 6+ bookcases of cookbooks (plus a 4′ pile of cut-outs and print-outs waiting to be sorted and filed into binders). I was feeling a bit guilty until a saleslady at a cookware store told me that she had given 400 of her cookbooks to the library and still had 450 left. A customer said that she had over 3600; her husband had converted one garage bay into a library room for them!