A pop education

After reading From Monty Python to Mother Mary: Nine Weird Classes Offered at ASU This Fall, Darren finds only one Arizona State class that’s “absolutely worthless.”

WST 394, Desperate Housewives: Gender, Family & Pop Culture
A women’s studies class that examines the fictional lives of the wealthy homemakers of Wisteria Lane …

I’m dubious about Harry Potter: Gender, Race & Class, also in Women’s Studies.

And, as a former English major, I wonder about this upper-level English class:

ENG 375: FOX Network, Atlantic Records, Independent Record Labels
Explores leading CEOs and corporations from a humanities perspective.

As Darren writes, taking one offbeat class isn’t a big deal. But you’d think today’s students would be more careful with their tuition dollars — even if largely borrowed — and their time in college.
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  1. SuperSub says:

    They are being careful…these classes are usually easy and entertaining, so they represent the best bang for the buck.

  2. lightly seasoned says:

    I dunno. Surely there’s some room in a liberal education for a class or two that is just plain interesting or piques curiosity. I’m not much for pop culture, but I took an oddball course here and there. I’d bet the Eng 357 would be illuminating for the student looking to enter the publishing industry.

  3. It would make more sense academically if they called these two classes “Gender, Family & Pop Culture in Modern Fiction” (then it would be an exercise in applying classical analysis, usually reserved for classical Literature and film, to modern stuff to show that it works just as well for the modern stuff too) and “CEOs and Corporations From A Humanities Perspective” (why limit yourself to just a few corporations as examples? oh, right, because you just wanted to pick on them)…