Where did all the college men go?

Men are less likely to enroll in college and more likely to drop out. A Denver community college is targeting retention efforts at male students.

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  1. If I was a young guy in the 18-25 range, I’d make darned sure I went to a University, just to meet all the women! Especially if the women outnumber the men like that. And make darned sure I graduated, because those women won’t marry anyone without at least a BA/BS…

  2. Well, given that most young men (that actually graduate from high school) are at least 1 to 2 grade levels behind in reading and writing, and at least 2 grade levels behind in math, they’re being offset by women who are focused, have made better progress in high school coursework, and are actually there (for the most part) to get an education, and in many cases, aren’t interested in a husband (or other long term relationship).

    Academically, women are kicking the collective rear ends of men in college these days.