‘Parent trigger’ goes Hollywood

Won’t Back Down — white mom teams up with black teacher/mom to take over a failing school — opens in theaters Sept. 28.

Earlier this week, a judge ordered Adelanto school officials to accept a “parent trigger” petition and prepare to cede control of a low-performing elementary school. The Desert Trails Parents Union is looking for a “partner” to help run the school, starting next fall:  “Under the regulations, this process will be open to anyone – including districts and labor organizations interested in submitting Partnership School proposals, as well as existing non-profit charter operators submitting traditional independent charter proposals.”


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  1. Is today September 28? Because last I checked, that was the release date.

  2. Here’s my blog post responding to the movie’s claim to by “inspired by” true events.


    To clarify, I’m a big supporter of artistic freedom, and defend the filmmakers’ right to make the movie they want no matter what I think of it.

    But it’s just a lie to mislead the public by claiming the film bears any resemblance to either of the two actual parent triggers that have been attempted. I object to knowingly misleading the public.

    • Clearly, your objections to knowingly misleading the public aren’t much of a deterrant to trying to knowingly mislead the public. Fortunately, the rottenness of more then a few public schools, which are “struggling”, insulates a lot of parents from your laughably contrived objections.